Bangkok’s Flower Festival

From December 1st to the 10th, Rama IX Park hosts Bangkok’s Flower Festival.  The Flower Festival costs 10 Baht to enter which is pretty cheap (32 Baht = 1 Dollar). Besides pretty flowers, the festival also has good food, music, entertainment, and knickknacks.

Here are some pictures from my time at the Flower Festival. Enjoy!

Flowers and Scenery

I was lucky to have a beautiful sunny day to walk around this festival and the flowers were in full bloom.

flower, flowers, purple, park, bangkok, rama ix park, flower festival, festival
Flowers for days at Bangkok’s Rama IX Park Flower Festival!

flower, flowers, pretty, flower festival, festival, park, rama ix park, bangkok
To contrast with the beautiful photos, imagine how funny it must have been to see me, a grown woman, crouching awkwardly in the park to get these shots! 😂
selfie, park, flower festival, bangkok, expat, festival, traveler, female traveler
Obligatory selfie in a beautiful location? Check!
flower, flowers, yellow, bee, nature, bangkok, park, rama ix park
Nature at its finest! (So excited to get a good shot of a bee – normally they are too fast for me and my camera!)
flower, flowers, purple, bangkok, flower festival, festival, rama ix park, park
Meandering through the flowers on a nice Saturday in December in Thailand ❤️
flower, flowers, pink, pretty, park, rama ix park, flower festival, festival, bangkok
Rama IX Park is huge and the Flower Festival had plenty to see and do!

Food and Entertainment

Each day has its own event schedule and the day I went all the entertainment was free. I just followed the sound of the announcers’ voices and found myself watching a midget fight, two guys fighting on a log, a boat tug-of-war game, and a singing boat parade.

midget, midgets, muay thai, midget fight, entertainment, festival, bangkok, flower festival, rama ix park, Thailand
A funny skit before the midget fight (I kind of understood what was going on even though it was all in Thai)
midget, midget fight, muay thai, festival, Thailand, flower festival, rama ix park, park, bangkok
A picture with the midget after the fight – is it just me or does he look a little bit like Tyrion from Game of Thrones?
bangkok, thailand, fight, log, entertainment, festival, flower festival, park, rama ix park, expat
Just your average fight on a log 😂
boat, parade, singing, festival, flower festival, park, rama ix park
Singing boat parade
pad thai, noodles, food, festival, flower festival, bangkok, thailand, foodie
There were not many vegan options at the flower festival – so I got this yummy pad thai and asked for no egg (unsure about the noodles, but oh well)


singing, orchestra, park, flower festival, festival, bangkok, thailand, rama ix park, music
Peaceful music as the sun goes down
music, singing, park, festival, rama ix park, bangkok, thailand
Pop music in the park – kids were handing him gifts and money so maybe he is famous?
music, dance, dancing, park, rama ix park, festival, bangkok, thailand
Ladies dancing to traditional Thai music

Sunset in the Park

park, rama ix park, flower festival, flowers, sunset, festival, bangkok, thailand
The sun sets on a good day at the park in Bangkok, Thailand


If you are ever in Bangkok at this time of year, definitely check this park and this festival out. I had a great relaxing time and plan on going again soon!