Red Lotus Sea in Udon Thani, Thailand

Red Lotus Sea

The Red Lotus Sea in Thailand is a beautiful place that is slowly becoming more popular in recent years. However, the name is a bit misleading…the Red Lotus Sea is actually a lake and the lotuses are pink, not red.

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Looking out at the Red Lotus Sea

Located near the city of Udon Thani in northern Thailand, an overnight bus from Bangkok was the most affordable option for us. My friend and I took the Pattaya 407 Company for 389 Baht at 8:30 pm and arrived at Udon Thani at around 6 am.

From there, we took a Tuk Tuk for 250 Baht per person (negotiated down from 400 Baht per person). It took about an hour to get there.

We took a small boat for an hour which cost 300 Baht total, but if you have a group there is a bigger boat for 500 Baht.

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Boat ride on the Red Lotus Sea

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Lotus Flowers

The lotus flowers are in season from November to late February. (My friend and I went on February 17th so I can say the flowers are still great to see if you are coming late into the season, but I’m sure it was even prettier earlier on!)

Make sure you get there as soon as possible because the lotuses look best in the early morning between 6 am to 10 am. Plus, you don’t want to look sweaty in your photos, now do you?

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Admiring Nature’s Beauty

The boat stops at three locations in the lake so don’t be disappointed if the first location is a bit subpar.

red lotus sea, lotus flowers, lake, thailand, udon thani, travel, expat

Also, the boat drivers essentially go to certain locations, wait for a little bit, then go to the next. They won’t go further when we asked, and if we took too long at one location, our driver would just go ahead and start taking us to the next one.

lotus flower, water, red lotus sea, thailand, lake, udon thani
Lotus Flower on the Red Lotus Sea

Udon Thani, Thailand

The city itself, Udon Thani, is pretty small with not much to do. (There are a few more things you can see and do if you use Udon Thani as a base location for some local day trips.)

My friend and I got unlucky because with Chinese New Year being the day before many Chinese places were still closed.

However, Honda was doing an event right outside of the mall to test ride some motorcycles so my friend got a chance to do that.

I, as the resident scaredy-cat, agreed to take pictures (and still managed to get the free shirt at the end!)

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My Friend Testing Out a Motorcycle

In total, I took two overnight buses and spent one day in Udon Thani, spending around 1,500 Baht (50 Dollars). Not too shabby for a little weekend getaway!