The Top 5 Things to Bring When Studying Abroad

Regret? Pfft, never! Here are some things I’ve brought with me to study abroad to “great success”. Just don’t make me define “success”!

Top 5 Things to Bring When Studying Abroad⎜A Cheeky Guide on What to Bring When Studying Abroad. You won't regret it! #studyabroad #travel

  1. That Straightener You Never Use: You’ll never regret taking along items that you never felt the need to use in your home country.
  2. That 1,000 Page Book You Won’t Find Time to Read: Studying abroad is definitely when you will find yourself having a lot of free time. Studying abroad is pretty boring, amiright?
  3. That Pair of Boots That You Haven’t Broken In: Totally bring a bunch of stuff that you don’t know how to use or that hasn’t been broken in. Definitely a good decision there.
  4. 3 Fancy, Too-Tight Dresses: Hey, I mean, you aren’t going to a lot of fancy parties, but it’s not like these extra clothes are going to weigh you down at all…
  5. A Beauty Guru’s Arsenal of Makeup and Accessories: Of course, you are the type of person who only wears makeup on the full moon and can’t manage to wear accessories for the whole day, but let’s bring armfuls of it to Europe! Because once in Europe, we all know that we will become suddenly fabulous and fashionable!


You will never, ever regret bringing any of these items. Guaranteed! Let me know in the comments below what items you have never, ever regretted bringing on a trip or for studying or living abroad. 😉


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