Top 3 Travel Locations for the Directionally-Challenged

Top 3 Travel Locationsfor theDirectionally-Challenged

For those who wish to travel but are afraid of getting lost, never fear! I have personally tested out each city on this list for its ease of use for the directionally-challenged!

1. Edinburgh, Scotland


Me at Edinburgh Castle

The main street known as The Royal Mile is squeezed between Edinburgh Castle and Arthur’s Seat, the main peak of a group of big hills. For any traveller new to the city, most of the places you will visit are on this road between these two huge landmarks. But if you happen to stray, make sure to take a look at the colorful street names like Cockburn St., and when it comes time to find your way back, aiming for one of those two landmarks will surely do the trick. To the Castle or to Arthur’s Seat we go!

2. Florence, Italy

Cropped Florence

View of the Duomo in Florence, Italy from the Boboli Gardens

Don’t get me wrong; most Italian cities are so beautiful they are worth getting lost in. However, for me, Florence was a friendly, well-laid-out city. Between the Duomo (the Florence Cathedral), the river, and Ponte Vecchio, it is relatively easy to orient yourself. Plus, if you book a hostel near the Duomo, then you will be set to go come nightfall when you wander your way back into the heart of the city, Florence’s large Cathedral shining like a beacon.

3. Stratford-upon-Avon (Or any small English town, really!)


The river in Stratford-upon-Avon

Ah, the quaint town where Shakespeare was born makes a nice little trip lacking in the anxiety of the lost and the frenzy of the late. Once again, we have those all-too-helpful landmarks: the river, the Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre, Shakespeare’s houses, and more. Also, most everything is within walking distance and so any small misstep can be easily corrected!


Do you agree with this list? Now, of course, I haven’t been everywhere in the world (yet!), so please tell me in the comments what places you have found or visited that were friendly for the directionally-challenged!


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