Wake Up to the Joy of You Book Review


By: Agapi Stassinopoulos


320 pages

This is your year of self-discovery, a journey to create a life filled with grace, meaning, zest, peace, and joy. With warmth and wisdom from a lifetime of spiritual seeking, inspirational force Agapi Stassinopoulos guides you through fifty-two weeks of letting go of what doesn’t work for you and finding what does. You ll cultivate the building blocks of self-care (meditation, health, making time for yourself) and confront the common roadblocks we all face, like pouring your energy into other people or living in denial. You ll explore your conflict areas, such as relationships, money, self-esteem, anxiety, and your childhood. And you ll learn to trust your creativity, keep your heart open, and connect to the bigger spirit that lives inside you.
Keep this book by your bedside. It is your loving companion. Be creative and have fun with it. Use it as a tool to unlock your goodness, and wake up to the joy of you!


First of all, Wake Up to the Joy of You is a gorgeous little book perfect for a coffee table or nightstand. The yellow pattern goes well with the bluish green cover, and the hardback version doesn’t have those flimsy dustcovers that annoy me so much.

This book is hard to rate because while I love the fact that it covers a wide range of topics the amount of topics leads to short chapters that are supposed to cover major issues and life events.

For example, the chapter Overcoming Your Childhood is only 7 pages. Only four pages are dedicated to wanting to get married, and there is over 52 chapters. Mind you, every chapter ends with a guided meditation which is nice, but that means there is even less time for Stassinopoulos to discuss said topics. Simply, there is not enough space in these chapters to give the amount of depth and consideration each of these topics deserve; however, what is said in these chapters are on the right track.

FINAL VERDICT: Overall, I don’t think this self-help book is life-changing, but I did find it a good daily reminder of what direction I want to head in and with such short chapters it is super easy for anyone to read a chapter or two each night. I would recommend this book to meditation beginners and anyone that would like a book that helps to remind them of the important things in life.

*I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.


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