Big Announcement! I’m Backpacking Europe!

I’ve had to keep this news secret for way too long, but today I’m happy to share with ya’ll that I will be backpacking Europe for 2 months starting Tuesday July 25th!

(See below for my full itinerary!)

This will be my first time backpacking and my first time traveling for so long nonstop. I can’t wait to take ya’ll with me!

How are you able to travel for two whole months you might be asking? Well, last year I entered an Instagram contest hosted by the lovely Glo from The Blog Abroad to win 2 Busabout Hop-On Hop-Off passes in Europe.

And, surprise, surprise, I won! (All thanks to the support of family, friends, and my amazing camera-woman, Joy Grace, of course!)

For those who don’t know, Busabout is a travel community that provides transportation and community to independent travelers. They provide the best mix of a conventional tour and freestyle travel. For their Hop-On Hop-Off Europe passes they have buses picking up and dropping off people at their recommended accommodation on a large loop throughout Europe in big cities and smaller towns.

(Don’t worry this blog isn’t sponsored by Busabout…yet, wink, wink, I’m ready when you are, Busabout!)

I am so fortunate for this opportunity and I just wanted to take a moment to remind you that anything is possible. ANYTHING.

Let me tell you I had absolutely no faith that I would win that Instagram contest. I had only posted maybe 5 times on Instagram before the contest: I had never made a video on Instagram before or spliced a video together on my phone before. My idea for the video came to me late at night and I only had one chance to film it.

It is scary to look back and to think I was so close to not entering the contest at all. To think I was once again so close to telling myself no before anyone else could (shaking my head at all my insecurities and self-doubt).

Sure, not a lot of people had entered the contest, I thought, but those who had had way more followers and friends than I did. How was I ever going to get more likes and shares than them?

Doubt set in, but I posted my video anyway. Even after I convinced myself I wouldn’t win, I continued to ask family and friends on Facebook to like and share my video.

Then the time came for Glo to announce who had won the contest. And…it was not me. But, I continued watching her announcement when all of sudden I heard my name. I rewatched the video again and again. Glo and Busabout had decided to add more winners.

……aaaaaand the winner of 6 months of free travel with @busabouteurope is…!!! Congratulations to @thewildwildzest!!! Super creative video! The whole office has been singing, “Busabout now, the funk soul brother!” Hahaha, we loved it! BUT, there were honestly a couple other submissions that REALLY stood out from the rest of the group, so we added 4 more winners! @kellydanahy @britjwhit @its_mimis_world @jess_ismore That’s a total of 10 awesome people (them + a friend) who get to tour Europe in the coolest way possible. Show ’em some love, guys! To those 5 people, please email to redeem your prize! To everyone else who entered, keep an eye out in your DMs, because you’ll get an exclusive offer for your efforts anyway! So stoked for the winners and even more amazed at @busabouteurope’s generosity. This is HUGE and I’m excited to be a part of helping a few people’s travel dreams come true. ❤🙌🌍

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I was one of the additional winners. Somehow, despite the odds, I had won. That through luck, fate, and their generosity, I had been added to the list of the lucky few who got Busabout passes.

That’s why it is so important to show up. To try. To throw yourself into opportunities even when you don’t believe in yourself, even when the odds are stacked in your favor. You never know when your hard work and your audacity to try will meet luck and generosity.

And because I won, I will be visiting 1 continent, 15 countries, 20 cities, and I will be taking all of you along with me. I will be making blog posts here, posting Instagram pictures, snapping on Snapchat (@kellydanahy), and when I get back, I will be uploading videos on my Youtube channel Kelly Seeks World.

Let me show you the beauty of travel in all of its gorgeous, messy, imperfect, perfect, spectacular, awful glory.

I want to help inspire you for your next trip and let you have to the chance to live vicariously through me while you wait.

So, at long last, here is my itinerary so ya’ll can follow along!

Kelly’s 2017 Busabout Itinerary

July 26th to August 1st: Paris, France

August 1st to 3rd: Bruges, Belgium

August 3rd to 6th: Amsterdam, Netherlands

August 6th to 9th: Berlin, Germany

August 9th to 12th: Prague, Czech Republic

August 12th to 15th: Krakow, Poland

August 15th to 17th: Vienna, Austria

August 17th to 19th: Bratislava, Slovakia

August 19th to 22nd: Budapest, Hungary

August 22nd to 25th: Split, Croatia

August 25th to 27th: Zadar, Croatia

August 27th to 28th: Venice, Italy

August 28th to 30th: Lake Bled, Slovenia

August 30th to September 2nd: Munich, Germany

September 2nd to 5th: Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

September 5th to 8th: Nice, France

September 8th to 11th: Barcelona, Spain

September 11th to September 12th: Madrid, Spain

September 12th to 15th: Lisbon, Portugal

September 15th to 18th: Madrid, Spain

September 18th to 21st: San Sebastian, Spain

September 21st to 22nd: Paris, France