Vegan Food in Pai, Thailand

As a vegan and a massive foodie, one of my first thoughts about going somewhere is: will there be vegan food? And now that I had been in Thailand for a little while, I knew that my luck of obtaining good vegan food ranged from a delicious all-vegan restaurant to blank stares from street vendors, and so I was curious to see what Pai had to offer.

The verdict? Less options than Chiang Mai (not very surprising since Chiang Mai absolutely spoils us vegans), but Pai still had some yummy food. Of course, I was only there for a few days so I’m sure I would have discovered more if I had had the time.


vegan, veganism, thailand, pai, spring rolls, pumpkin salad, salad, food
Spring Rolls and Pumpkin Salad at The Witching Well

While tasty, these were two of the few options that can be made vegan (I had to ask for no feta on the salad). I found the name of this restaurant on another blog, but since they made the blog two years ago, The Witching Well must’ve changed their menu because it was not nearly as vegan-friendly as I was expecting.


bagels, vegan, veganism, moonshine, pai, thailand, smoothie, coconut, bagels, cream, banana bread, bread
Rosemary cashew cream vegan bagels, vegan banana bread, and healthy coconut turmeric smoothie at Moonshine

Moonshine was a pleasant surprise that I stumbled upon while walking around Pai. Their menu had several vegan options that were all clearly listed and the guy working there spoke great English. I would definitely recommend.


curry, green curry, pai, thailand, food
Coconut Green Curry at Fine Rice Thai Restaurant

This is NOT a vegan restaurant, but my friends wanted to go so I went. While I had some issues communicating with the waitress, I ended up with this coconut green curry with tofu which is vegan-ish, I believe, and while pricey was by far the best curry I have had so far. Point being, while I wouldn’t say you HAD to come to this restaurant, there are some choices you can find at some of the other restaurants in town.


vegan, veganism, food, buffet, pai, thailand, foodie
Rice and four dishes from the buffet at Chew Xin Jai

While not the most aesthetically pleasing, it was by far the cheapest and most delicious meal. I am so sad I ate here on my last day and couldn’t go there more times! Now forgive my American ways, but when I heard that this was a buffet I assumed it was all-you-can-eat. It’s not, but you point to what you want and they give it to you. I had rice and 4 dishes which only cost me 55 Baht which is dirt cheap! (32 Baht = 1 Dollar) I even got seconds. I would 120% recommend.


Note: Not listed here is street market food for a couple of reasons:

A) I don’t have any pictures of those

B) I saw several options but did not indulge in many of them

C) street vendors are unlisted and can come and go so they aren’t as reliable options.

**However, I did want to give them an honorable mention here for their delicious hot tea for 30 Baht, decent spring rolls and samosas, and veggie kebabs (that I didn’t get a chance to try).


While Pai isn’t the vegan paradise that Chiang Mai is, rest assured you won’t go hungry.