Vegan Food in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai’s Old Town has vegan food options for days! Now, of course, there are areas outside of Old Town where vegan options aren’t rubbing elbows on every block, but even then I didn’t struggle too much to find something good to eat.

My vacation to Chiang Mai quickly become a vegan food vacation as I chowed down on way too much yummy vegan food! So here is a list of all the food I ate! 😂 (My dignity= zero!)

Note: While I am emphasizing that these dishes are vegan for my vegans out there, these dishes are equally delicious for you  non-vegans. If you like good food, then this is for you!

Note note: Going to a self-proclaimed vegan restaurant might cost you a little bit more money by Thai standards, but for us foreigners a fabulous meal will only cost you around 6-7 Dollars and that’s if you get a drink or dessert with your meal or go for the more expensive options on the meal!



Khao Soi, Reform Kafe, vegan, veganism, food, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Khao Soi and Hot Chocolate at Reform Kafe

Reform Kafe has a lot of different vegan options and boy, was the portion of my Khao Soi humungous. (Seriously, four people could have shared that Khao Soi!) Unfortunately, the hot chocolate was too bitter for me and the Khao Soi was a little bit bland considering I asked for it to be really spicy.

(Full disclosure: I had some big stomach problems the next day which could be a coincidence but made me a little reluctant to go back.)


food, vegan, raw, veganism, raw vegan, Alice's Restaurant, raw zucchini noodles, raw cheesecake, chiang mai, thailand
Raw Zucchini Noodles with Walnut Pesto and Raw Strawberry Cheesecake at Alice’s Restaurant

Alice’s Restaurant, while a little out of the way from Old Town, hosts some nice raw vegan options. The noodles were good (perhaps I would have liked them more if I was more used to eating raw) and the strawberry cheesecake was pretty good but frozen in the middle so I had to wait for it to thaw out.


cauliflower wings, taste of heaven, vegan, vegan food, food, chiang mai, thailand
Spicy Cauliflower Wings at Taste of Heaven
vegan, veganism, food, vegan chicken, chicken salad, taste of heaven, chiang mai, thailand
Vegan Spicy Chicken Salad at Taste of Heaven


I ate at Taste of Heaven on my last day and I wish I would have tried them earlier because I loved their food which was delicious and reasonably priced! This is definitely a restaurant you want to try out if you want stellar vegan food on a budget.


What can I say other than I am a creature of habit who cannot resist a good vegan restaurant that’s three feet from my hostel? I had a field day trying all of the different options Free Bird Cafe had to offer (on different days I should add! 😂.) Plus, I knew that my money was going to a good cause! 100% of their profits goes to Thai Freedom House which is a language and arts community learning center for Indigenous Peoples and Burmese refugees!

curry, pumpkin, pumpkin curry, pennywort fritters, fritters, vegan, veganism, food, chiang mai, thailand
Ginger Pumpkin Curry and Pennywort Fritters
free bird cafe, cafe, french toast, sandwich, breakfast, fruit, vegan, veganism, food, chiang mai, thailand
French Toast Sandwich with Peanut Butter and Fruit
samosas, ginger salad, salad, turmeric, turmeric drink, free bird cafe, chiang mai, thailand, vegan, veganism, food
Samosas, Ginger Salad, and Turmeric Drink at Free Bird Cafe
curry, chickpea curry, burmese, burmese tea leaf salad, hibiscus, hibiscus magic pea tea, tea, free bird cafe, vegan, veganism, food, chiang mai, thailand
Chickpea Curry, Burmese Tea Leaf Salad, and Hibiscus Magic Pea Tea

vegan, veganism, brownie, dessert, free bird cafe, food, chiang mai, thailand
Decadent Vegan Brownie ❤️



My favorites were the samosas, ginger pumpkin curry, and vegan brownie. The Hibiscus Tea is also pretty cool because it changes its color to purple when you squeeze lime juice into it.

Free Bird Cafe also has self-serve water, a toilet (not always given here in Thailand), used books and other goods for sale, and a small charity shop in the back!


Amrita Garden is a nice stop for food near Chiang Mai’s beautiful Nong Buak Hard Public Park. As such, I had the opportunity to visit it several times and slowly work my way through their menu.

vegan, veganism, veggie burger, burger, food, amrita garden, chiang mai, thailand
Summer Veggie Burger at Amrita Garden
coconut, cheesecake, dessert, food, vegan, veganism, chiang mai, thailand, amrita garden
Coconut Cheesecake
amrita garden, spreads, bread, vegan, veganism, food, lunch, lunch special, chiang mai, thailand
2 Spreads and Bread plus the 99 Baht Lunch Special at Amrita Garden
chocolate, cake, chocolate cake, vegan, veganism, food, chiang mai, thailand, amrita garden
Yummy Chocolate Cake






salad, smoothie, green smoothie, vegan, veganism, food, chiang mai, thailand, amrita garden
Green smoothie and medium salad

While not every dish was my favorite, I was impressed with Amrita’s selection. Please note that some of the desserts are vegetarian (the ones shown above are vegan).


Visiting Old Town Chiang Mai is a real treat for vegans because of the wide selection of delicious, walking-accessible food. Your new problem, my dear vegans and non-vegans, is all the money you will spend to stuff your mouth with food!