Ladyboy Show in Chiang Mai, Thailand

For those who don’t know, a ladyboy show is the Thai equivalent of a drag show where men dress up in “drag” (as women) while lip syncing and dancing. Ladyboy shows are a popular and well-known part of Thai culture. While I was in Thailand, I wasn’t going to miss my chance to check one of these numbers out! 

Since I was in Chiang Mai at the time, people from my program and I went to Ram Bar which is an easy songtaew ride away from Old Town. The show is free if you buy a drink (the cheapest drink is 170 Baht = 5 Dollars) which is pretty reasonable. 

So here are some of my thoughts!

Ram Bar’s Ladyboy Show

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The costumes ranged from beautiful (like the costume above) to edgy urban to 1920s glamour

There were many beautiful and elaborate costumes with quick changes between songs. Also, even though we were Thailand, there were many popular American songs. 

ladyboy, ladyboy show, ram bar, chiang mai, thailand, expat, living abroad
Each ladyboy got a chance to be in the spotlight

The show was pretty creative. One scene would take place on stage while the next would have a ladyboy popping up at the bar or dancing in the crowd. They really utilized the small space to keep the audience on their toes.

ladyboy, solo, ladyboy show, rihanna, chiang mai, ram bar, thailand, expat, living abroad
Ladyboy Solo as Rihanna

Ram Bar was tightly packed so I would recommend calling to reserve seats and arriving early.

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Ladyboy playing good ol’ Britney Spears

In my opinion, ladyboy shows are an unique Thai experience.

ladyboy, ladyboys, ram bar, ladyboy show, chiang mai, thailand, expat, living abroad
Gorgeous Ladyboy Group Photo

Either way, I would definitely recommend checking out a ladyboy show if you get the chance!

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Continuing the Conversation

Have you been to a ladyboy show? Would you want to go to one? Let me know down below!