My Story

Out of all the blogs floating around in this world wide web, I’m so glad you stumbled upon mine and wanted to learn more about me. (Or if your click here was an accident, hopefully I can make it a fortunate accident. 😉)

For those who don’t know me personally, realize I am NOT an expert. At anything. 😂

I’m still figuring everything out just like most of you. I’m your stereotypical millennial, wanting it all but having no idea how to achieve ALL THE THINGS.

My Background

I graduated college in 2016, depressed and more than a little lost. I moved back into my mom’s house and started a job completely unrelated to my field of study with a salary not quite worth the $16,000 of school debt that I had collected for myself.

All of these questions were banging around in my head. Who am I? What am I doing? What am I supposed to do with my life?

I wanted to travel, to write, to live boldly. But, I was scared. Like, scared scared.

I have always lived life by the rules and did what was expected of me. Safe. Secure. Predictable.

So safe that I’m still scared to get an edgy haircut. Seriously. 🙈

It got to the point where I had to decide to stop being scared, to embrace the messy, the spontaneous, the unusual. To embrace…well, me.

The Journey

With that in mind, I made a plan: to do things even when it scares me and to travel like my life depended on it. Super specific, I know. (I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m still figuring everything out!)

I started saving money and decided to make the most of the Busabout contest that I had won and really dedicate myself to my writing and blogging. In July 2017, I quit my job.

Shortly after, I flew to Europe. I traveled for two months, visiting 1 continent, 17 countries, 22 cities, and proceeded to not writing any blog posts. 😭 😂

Then at the end of October I flew to Thailand for my next adventure: teaching English.

Which brings us to now.

The Plan

I don’t have all the answers. Yet. 😉 But, I want to document this journey. I want to seek out this beautiful world and find what inspires me and in turn, inspire you.

If you are interested in travel, veganism, minimalism, feminism, or authentic journeys, welcome aboard. If my journey in any way helps you with yours, I am honored.

Even though I’m scared of what the future might hold, I’m also really excited and I hope you are too.